Sound Designer / Composer

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Alex Retsis is a freelance audio specialist based in Athens, Greece. He has been active in the field of discography, since 1993 and in theater, TV and advertisement since 2008. He has provided sound design & music services for international clients including Google, Vodafone, WIND, IKEA, X-BOX / Microsoft, HALLS, AMSTEL and many others. For his work in advertisement he has won domestic awards (ERMIS). In the past, Alex has been involved with setting up two record companies - the techno label "Modular Expansion Records" and the experimental label "Anthropos-Mekhane". He has performed concerts in many European countries, including the Institute For Contemporary Art in Berlin, at PACE – De Montfort University, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Berghain & Tresor clubs and has participated in domestic festivals such as Synch, Bios, Mediaterra and many more. Alex is the founder of Qebo (experimental electronic music act) and Videogame Orchestra (chiptune side-project). Japanese synthesizer company KORG, has endorsed his “EMEX” analog techno project and he recently became a bespoke composer for Ninja Tune Production Music.


Alex has been providing sound design and on occasion beta-testing services, for audio software developers Arturia, Glitchmachines, Unfiltered Audio, Sugar Bytes, Polyend, Audiomodern, Krotos and other companies. He designed the hip-hop signature library "New City" for sample specialists Soundmorph and the video-game sound FX library “Parallax”, for Glitchmachines. Additionally, he frequently collaborates with German audio pioneers Native Instruments, for which he provides sound design and composition services, and US based sound innovators Twisted Tools. He also produced the signature chiptune / circuit-bent Komplete Expansion "Byte Riot" and the techno expansion "Lunar Echoes", for Native Instruments. Alex provides exclusive sound design services for Bezier Animation Studio, Soundsnap and, the audio platform powered by Native Instruments. He recently became a Guest Lecturer for Linear Sound Design - Sound Art & Mix / MultiMediaArt department, at Salzburg University Of Applied Sciences.